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Healdton Girl Scout Troop Donates Portion Of Sales To Pound

HEALDTON, OK -- Odds are you probably wouldn't trade your favorite girl scout cookie for a dog biscuit.

But for a group of brownie girl scouts in Carter County, they saw an opportunity to do just that.

The girls of Healdton Brownie Troop 644 recently made one of their last deliveries of the girl scout cookie selling season.

It may not be a box of thin mints or samoas but to the four-legged friends at the Healdton pound they're already chowing down.

"I felt like it would be good to just to help out with the community, for the dogs," said Madison Adams, of Troop 644.

The girls used a portion of their earnings from selling more than 3,600 boxes of cookies to buy supplies and food for the Healdton pound.

With a little less than $200, they were able to purchase food and water bowls, several bags of dog food, and a ceiling fan to replace those currently installed.

"When they unanimously voted to spend the profits from their cookie sales for the pound, what can you say about it?" said Will Hunsaker, who volunteers regularly at the pound. "You couldn't ask for any better help."

The city's pound is now run by several volunteers.

Back in January it came under scrutiny, after several dogs were found dead due to freezing temperatures.

But volunteers say it's in much better shape now.

"And through the help of volunteers we've brought it basically up to code," said Hunsaker.

The troop's leader says through the donation, the girls of 644 learned a valuable lesson.

"I think it helps them to realize there are people and animals out there that are in need and if we have the ability to help them, then we should," said Robyn Matthews, the troop's leader.

Hunsaker says since the facility is no longer under the control of the city, the pound will continue to be operated through donations and volunteers.