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Paris Police Identify Body as Missing Texoma Teen


PARIS, TX-- Police find and identify the body of a Texoma teen that's been missing for several days.  

We've been following the story closely, and the search came to an unfortunate close Sunday night after 18-year-old Russell Gage Kennedy was found dead near train tracks in Paris.

"Thursday night around 10 o'clock he came here to check his schedule, he used a cellcell phone then he walked home," said Sonic manager Tyrone Hayden.

Employees at Sonic in Paris say they were most likely the last people to see North Lamar high school senior Gage Kennedy on the night of May 15.   

Hayden says the teen wasn't acting abnormal Thursday night, but being friendly and respectful as usual.

Paris police say Kennedy's mother reported him missing Friday morning after he didn't return home from checking his work schedule at Sonic. Search teams combed Paris for the next three days.  

"They finally found a body in some underbrush close to the railroad tracks," said Officer Curtis Garrett with the Paris Police Department.

Deputies say Kennedy's body was found at the intersection of 10th and Center streets about 7:30 Sunday night when a pedestrian was walking down these tracks and spotted a body under a pile of limbs.  

"Of course there will be an autopsy performed, and we'll have to go from that to determine the cause of death," said Garrett.

Garrett said the teen's body showed no visible signs of foul play. One of Kennedy's classmates Josh Resnick told us during the past two weeks, however, he had noticed a change in the senior's personality.

"Closer to the end, last week he was a little more distant. I asked him if anything was wrong and he was like 'I don't need anybody to talk to me right now.'" 

Resnick says that response was completely out of character.

As the investigation continues, a family, school and community say they are left remembering a young man with a great heart.

"It's just a tragic situation," said Hayden. "A kid with his whole life ahead of him dying--we're just going to mourn and try and move on."

We spoke with Kennedy's uncle Monday afternoon on the phone. He says the family is in complete shock and wants to thank all those involved in the search. North Lamar will host a memorial service for Kennedy at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.