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Teenager severely injured after accident in Gunter

GUNTER, TX -- Gunter police say the girl was driving down the road in her car when she swerved and hit a tree head on and she was rushed to the hospital a severe and unusual injury. On Sunday around 3:30 p.m., Gunter police received a 9-1-1 call about an accident on F.M. 121 east of Block road.

Police Chief Bryce Kennedy said when they responded to the scene, they found a car that had rolled over and hit a tree and the 17 year old driver had lost her arm. The teen was flown out to a hospital in the Dallas area as van Alstyne paramedics, Gunter police and Gunter fire all responded.

"Well what it appears as if she was going to cross the center median, realized that,” said Chief Kennedy, “went to correct, over corrected. Then locked up her brakes, hit head on into a tree. Flipped it, rolled it back on to the roadway here."

Police say the teen had no passengers in her car when she went off the road and no other vehicles were involved.  The accident is still under investigation. Police also tell KTEN they've had to work traffic heavier on block road in recent years because of its sharp and windy turns.