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Traffic Accidents Pile Up in Howe

Construction signs, a common sight right now for people driving through Grayson county on highway 75.

A series of accidents in recent days including 2 Friday morning in Howe have been attributed, at least in part, to the slow downs created by the construction zones.

"The problem is when you add construction or tight spots and slight curves or you add alcohol or you add other people that are driving recklessly, which we see a lot of, our accidents go up," says Howe Police Chief, Carl Hudman.

Two cars have hit a concrete barrier just within the last week causing a number of accidents and some major traffic delays going northbound on highway 75.

Chief Hudman says people have complained that the barrels impede the left lane and squeezing between the concrete barrier and an 18 wheeler makes driving downright scary.
Chief Hudman says under normal circumstances, he doesn't mind the speed limit at 75 but with the construction zone there, it may be too fast.

"Even though the speed limit is 75 with those new road conditions it makes it hazardous and add some alcohol, add some texting and you are going to have a crash," says Hudman.

Many people who live in Howe think drivers are to blame.

"I just think a lot of the problem is the signs say to stay in your lane and there are people who like to drive crazy through construction zones," says Hunter Shaw who lives in Howe.

When Howe police contacted TXDOT after the first accident the chief says they added more orange barrels, but those were destroyed again Friday.

"We will be contacting TXDOT again to see if they have any ideas on how they can improve that just a little bit something that can help us alert the drivers a little bit more as to how hazardous it is," says Hudman.

Officials with TXDOT say the construction work is necessary and they do everything they can to make highways safe for both drivers and work crews.

"Safety is TXDOT's number one priority and we do look forward to working together with the city to resolve this issue as soon as possible," says Becky Ozuna.