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Three Arrested After Violent Video Is Posted On Instagram

ARDMORE, OK -- Two adults from Seminole County and a 15 year old boy have been arrested on child abuse charges after a violent video was posted on Instagram.

Konowa chief of police Joe Leeds says he's seen violent acts in his 12 years of police work, but nothing quite like this.

"What I haven't seen is two parents one giggling in the background and egging on," said Leeds. "And then it being posted on the internet for others to see."

Not one, but two videos of what police say is a 15 year old boy violently kicking an 8 year old were posted on the older boy's Instagram page.

Konowa police were notified of the videos by a DHS representative Thursday afternoon.

Officers then arrested 35 year old Tracy Casteel and 28 year old Joshua Whittington on multiple charges of child abuse and neglect along with conspiracy to commit a felony.

Chief Leeds says Casteel's 15 year old son was also arrested on child abuse charges.

The boy's father, who is divorced from his wife Tracey and was not present when the videos were made, says the activity was encouraged by his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

"They coached him, I believe he was coached," said Randy Casteel. "In the video you can hear them egging him on."

Casteel says the two boys have played in similar fashion before.

"I think this is being blown out of proportion," said Casteel. "They put it on there as a joke. The kid always plays like that, they always do."

Chief Leeds hopes other parents can learn something from what happened.

"We all know it was wrong," said Casteel. "Why didn't the parents stop that? And then put it on instagram or whatever."

 Chief Leeds says the 8 year old, who is the son of Joshua Whittington, has been taken into DHS custody.