Two Crashes Near Denison Construction Zones Leave Drivers Shaken - - No One Gets You Closer

Two Crashes Near Denison Construction Zones Leave Drivers Shaken

DENISON, TX -- Construction along Highway 75 in Sherman and Denison is good for the roads, but it's causing problems for drivers.

Two accidents this afternoon happened in the same area, and both places have construction going on nearby.

It's the summer construction where workers repair certain sections of the pavement, but to do that, they need to close off lanes and put up cones. Drivers say all the construction activity may have helped cause two accidents this afternoon.

One car ended up in the median near Loy Lake Road, right near where cones merged two lanes into one. "They just came to a dead stop," says passenger Jon Gay.

Police say the driver was cited for following too closely and no insurance, but the passenger tells us there was no way for her to stop.

"The person who hit their brakes right in front of us made it about the distance between two of these cones and came to a dead stop," says Gay. "Everybody in front of her was still moving forward and we had almost stopped right about the time she hit the back end of the car. It was just too tight to do anything except go off the road."

"I thought, my grandbaby's in there. That's the only thing that scared me," says driver's dad Richard Limbock, who showed up to help.

"It was an SUV. Evidently had a big bumper, that's what caught the car that way, but she should have been quicker on the brakes," says Limbock.

Further down the road, another accident in front of TMC but just south of the city line into Sherman also happened around 2 p.m.

"She stopped suddenly and I was looking at the arrow up ahead of her and I was on top of her and hit her before I realized I was that close," says driver James Farris.

"The semi was stopped because cars were in the right lane trying to cut in front of him," says driver Cheryl Cox.

The drivers say there were merging problems just south of a big yellow arrow.

"I called her when this happened," says Farris, who was wearing his uniform from Perrin AFB Museum.

"We drove 691 thinking that he was on that side of the freeway and ended up going down to 91 and back around," says daughter Ginnie Ammons, who came over to check on him.

"He has a little scrape on his leg and that's it," says Ammons.

The other driver was on her way to an interview for a home health care job in Denison. Now she's just glad her SUV still works.

"Just a little shaky. I'm just shaky. I'm fine," says Cox.

The ramp onto Highway 75 in front of TMC and another one further north were blocked off because of that construction involving the individual squares.

Drivers should use caution in the area of Highway 75 while the construction is going on. The drivers in these accidents were okay.