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FSA offers drought emergency loans to farmers in Grayson County

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- In March, Grayson County was declared a disaster area due to the drought conditions. Now a local agency is trying to reach out to farmers in need.

The FSA in Fannin County is accepting applications for their drought emergency farm loan program. Farmers have already started applying and they say they're grateful for any help they can get.

"I was really worried, this field here through the winter was looking pretty rough,” says Scott Renfor, a local farmer. “It would just start off growing like it normally would, then it’d get set back.”

During the past months, Renfor says the drought conditions have been hard on his wheat and corn fields.

"We're also getting worried as far as getting that last rain to basically, as we say 'finish the crop out',” said Renfor.

He says recent rainfall has benbenefiteds crops, but it wasn't enough.

"Overall with the last two rains, in my area,” he said, “I got close to two inches which is a nice amount but there's not much run off."

Ditches in the ground on his farm have soaked any remaining moisture, taking it away from the wheat field. The local farm service agency's loan program is designed to help those who are struggling.

"If you want to apply, you have to have at least a thirty percent loss in income or production during this drought period,” says David Dunmon, the FSA loan manager. “We compare that to your previous three year production history to determine if you have the thirty percent loss."

Dunmon says the loans are used for replacing livestock, equipment and input into operations. While Renfor doesn't have plans to apply for the program., he knows farmers who do.

"Anything that would aid the farmers that need that help is a big plus,” he said, “because it's definitely needed for them. If they need to fall back on it, if anything to help with their expenses that they're out of."

The deadline for applications is January 7, 2015. The FSA tells KTEN farmers should apply sooner than later. If they wait too long, backlogged applications could cause delays.