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Graduation Gift Ideas On Good Morning Texoma

Did you see this on Good Morning Texoma? Graduation is just around the corner, and we want to make sure your kiddos, whether they’re graduating high school and headed to college or graduating college and headed into the job market, that they’re ready for what’s next.


First up today, let’s talk tablets. A few years ago, laptops were all the rage, but now, it’s all about the tablet. These portable devices can do basically everything, and they deliver a lot of power in some really sleek packages – perfect for the graduate in your life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3   -   $36.25 NEXT or $199.99

The Note 3 has over a 5-inch HD display.
Using the S Pen the large display will make it easy to handwrite notes, emails, text messages or even jot down phone numbers in action memo.
The camera has 13 MP autofocus rear-facing camera with a 2MP front-facing camera. The two cameras can be used at the same time with the dual camera option.
It has wonderful editing features as well as a scrapbook app preloaded to the phone.

Nokia Lumia 2520  -   $25.00 NEXT or $399

The Nokia tablet is a wonderful addition to any graduate.
The 10 in display with 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi connection will make it easy to do homework wherever your college student to be may go.
The Microsoft office suite is preloaded on the tablet to provide everything you need for writing essays right at your fingertips.
6.7 MP rear facing camera with a 2MP HD front facing camera.
The tablet is light and easy to carry around.
There is 32 GB internal storage available – plenty of room for work and play.

Nokia Lumia keyboard $149

The keyboard delivers up to 11 continuous hours of use and a touch pad (mouse).
There are two full-size USB ports to just an external USB hard drive. This keyboard covers the tablet to have additional protections. The keyboard and the tablet have a hardwire connection, so you never have to worry about losing a connection.

College isn’t all work. Next, let’s talk about a few devices for the graduate that are just for fun.

Samsung Galaxy 2 Watch  -  $299

This smart watch connects to the many Samsung phones.  
This is the inspector gadget of all watches. It has a 1.63-inch touch display.
The watch has a 2MP camera to capture fun, spontaneous action on campus.
It is water-resistant and dust proof.
There are interchangeable wristbands, so you can change the look of your watch quickly and easily.
You can take phone calls with two mic’s and one speaker to converse with mom and dad as well as text message on the screen. These two features will be great while your new graduate is walking around campus getting to class.

Beats Pill $180

This pill will take listening to music to another level, perfect for a new apartment or dorm room.
Dr. Dre’s beats audio is remarkable.
Don’t let the pill’s size deceive you. The pill is lightweight but doesn't’t lack in sound.
The speaker connects via Bluetooth, you can control the tracks and volume from your phone or tablet.