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Byng Schools Receive Online Threat, 12-Year-Old in Custody


 ADA, OK--Schools in one Texoma county were heavily policed today. Authorities upped patrols after a school district got a social media threat referencing an infamous school shooting. Deputies took a suspect into custody Wednesday afternoon.
"The main threat was that Byng school was going to be like Sandy Hook," said Pontotoc County sheriff John Christian. 
On Tuesday afternoon, Christian says he received word of an online Instagram threat targeting Byng schools.  
"The profile is anonymous," he said.
Although authorities believe the threat was a hoax, officers manned Pontotoc County schools as a precaution while Byng faculty notified families.
"We did send out an Alert Now call to our parents telling them what was going on," said superintendent Todd Crabtree.
A couple of staff members told us that several parents checked their kids out of school for the day. Sheriff Christian does want to emphasize that the schools were never on lockdown, they are investigating the threat and everyone is safe.  
"There's not a lockdown at any of the schools that I'm aware of--just enhanced security measures is all," said Christian. 
Crabtree added: "Kids are probably safer on this campus than they are the 170-odd other days because there is a huge police force."   
Christian notified us via text about 4:30 Wednesday afternoon saying: "We have taken a 12-year-old male into custody for threatening acts of violence."
The Pontotoc County district attorney tells us the suspect could face a felony charge for his post. Deputies, however, are not releasing the suspect's name, as he is a minor.