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Riley Sprowl and Van Alstyne Students Hear Motivational Speaker

5 months after a north Texas teenager was severely injured in a sledding accident, Riley Sprowl is still adjusting to life in a wheelchair. Tuesday, the Van Alstyne junior and his classmates got a visit from another local man who's been coping without the use of his legs after he was injured in high school.

After several months in the hospital and countless hours in rehab 16-year old Riley Sprowl says he's starting to feel like he's getting his life back on track.

"I'm doing pretty good. The home is getting fixed up right now, like as we speak, and getting handicap accessible."

Sprowl says he's been overwhelmed by the tremendous support he's received since his accident in December left him with very limited movement from the neck down.

Tuesday morning, Tremell Walker, who was also paralyzed while he was in high school came to talk to the entire study body at Van Alstyne High.

"Basically telling us to be grateful and keep working hard and if you set your mind to something you can do it and it really inspired a lot of students. I can tell and Riley has too," says Kearon Redmon who is a friend of Riley's.

"It was pretty motivating and a pretty powerful speech and it let me know that I can conquer anything no matter what the obstacle is," says Sprowl.

Walker was paralyzed while playing football for Sherman in 1995. He says Sprowl will need to lean on his family and friends.

"I'm so grateful that I had my family but I also had the community support as well as others around me who didn't even know me," says Walker.

He wants the students to know that despite his physical condition Riley is still Riley.

"You are going to have to adapt to it just like you do anything in life. Continue to be his friend, continue to let your love shine on him and through him and for him," says Walker.

Walker says there were times when his friends just didn't understand what he was going through.

"I just wanted them to look deep within and realize that they have their own effect just like the Riley effect: able to Respect, able to Illuminate, able to Love, and able to Energize and able to be You," says Walker.