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What to do if your car spins off the road

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Most people understand how to avoid an accident in the rain, such as slowing down and keeping enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. But what can you do once your car is already off the road?

Troopers say the increased number of accidents they've seen, due to bad weather, can easily be avoided.

"Slow down,” says Trooper Jim Fortenberry. “Slow down and be more mindful of what's in the road and what could possibly be on the road. If you see any potential high spots of water, either turn around or drive really slow through them. Don't break."

"If you do find yourself sliding off into the ditch and it's muddy,” says Jason Fox, with Autozone, “it's been raining a lot, as long as you're not about to hit something or go off of something, then you want to keep on going. You don't want to gun it, but you don't really want to stop. Because once you stop in mud, you're stuck."

Fox says to keep your wheels turning to avoid damaging your vehicle any further. Due to how oily highway pavement is, he says driving in the rain can be the most difficult.

"A lot of times driving on newly wet pavement just is as dangerous as driving on ice, until the rain has a chance to kind of wash those oils off the highway."

He says there are ways to prepare your car for the next storm, such as keeping good tread in your tires and a safety kit in your car at all times.

"As far as safety goes,” Fox said, “keep some flares or some kind of low orange cone in there so if you are stuck in the side of the road, people can see you before they get up on you."

But there is one fool proof way to keep your car out of a ditch.

"But..slow down," says Trooper Fortenberry.

KTEN spoke with a few towing companies in the area who say if you don’t have their contact information listed in your car, you can call 911 and they will refer you to a towing service.