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Thieves Steal Urns from McAlester Couple

MCALESTER, OK--A Texoma couple discovers their home has been broken into--robbed of thousands of dollars in collector's items and two urns containing family members' remains.

"My stepdaughter's urn was sitting right here, and on top of it was her jewelry, class rings, etc.," said homeowner Joe Reeves.

Patricia and Joe Reeves own a home on North B Street in McAlester. It once belonged to Patricia's late parents and has been vacant for three years. 

The couple says they use the house for storage and noticed something strange three weeks ago when they pulled up to grab fishing poles for the grandkids.

"We noticed the mini van was gone, and the back door was open," said Patricia.

The Reeves soon realized their home had been ransacked. Collectible items worth an estimated  $25,000 had been stolen, along with two urns containing the remains of Patricia's mother and 23-year-old daughter who died of cerebral palsy.  

"They're the most important things in my life, besides my children who are living today," she said.

Joe said, "We've had nothing but grief for the last three weeks since the urns disappeared, because it is like another death all over again."

Detective Sergeant Chris Morris says 38-year-old Adriene Brownlee and 30-year-old George Bethel have been arrested in connection with the crime, but he says other suspects were involved.

"We know they're into drugs, they're into stealing and that's their full-time job," said Morris. "To drive around and find vacant houses for stuff they can steal to support their habits."

The list of charges for the two suspects include second degree burglary, auto theft and possession of stolen property--a list the Reeves say is too lite and doesn't address the missing urns.

"I want all of my stuff back, and I want these people to pay for what they did," said Patricia.

"All I can tell them is if they're watching, we will find them," said Joe.

Morris says he has yet to find any specific laws against stealing urns.

Adriene Brownlee has bonded out of jail, but Detective Morris says he plans on re-filing his charges and arresting him again. If you know any information regarding this crime, you are asked to call the McAlester Police Department.