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FFA Closes Out Another Successful Year

Future Farmers of America, also known as FFA, is known for making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their leadership skills, personal growth and career goals through agricultural education.

The student officers of the club in Gunter tell us it is a crucial part of their education.

"Since the 3rd grade I've been involved. My sister got me involved actually showing lambs all the way up to cattle, even rabbits," says Luke Osburn, the FFA Vice President.

The students not only show animals but learn things like shop work and welding.

"We are trying to get them experience for out in the real world. And just trying to have things for them to know how to do," says Ross O'Hanlon, the FFA President.

"We really focus on leadership but we use the vehicle for shop work, classroom study, the show program all those things combined to help those student advanced in their leadership," says Adrian O'Hanlon who is the Chapter FFA Advisor.

The most popular aspect of the club is the show program. Starting kids as young as third grade, showing animals.

"I'm raising rabbits and I have to clean their poop everyday and let them out and eat," says Samantha Aiken, who is a junior FFA member.

"We get so involved with like our animals and FFA leadership and everything and our officer team like we signed a contract that said we wouldn't get into trouble," says Megan Bullard, the FFA Secretary.

The FFA program is available in most schools across Texoma.

"We hope to make them good, ethical American citizens and to come back to their communities maybe the state of Texas and be leaders in that regard." says Adrian.

"People when they hear FFA, they usually think really good things," says Ross.