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After nearly three decades, Whitewright elects a new mayor

WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- The city of Whitewright will have a new mayor come Thursday May 15. Allen West was elected as the city's mayor last night in a 115 to 74 vote.

Mayor Bill Goodson has been serving the city of Whitewright for over 20 years, but West says he’s ready to take over.

“I felt it was time for me to step up to the plate," he said.

West has been on the Whitewright city council for many years, but decided to run for mayor after noticing a progression within the city.

"We've done good but we need to do better,” West said.

A strong support system kept him going throughout the election.

"I’ve had good support, got a lot of good friends in town,” he said. “I still count Bill as a good friend."

West says he will focus on involving youth more when serving his term.

"If you can keep the younger generation involved, they grow up to the council people, the mayors of the future,” said West.

Local teenagers say they're looking forward to being involved.

"He is a really nice guy and we knew him pretty well,” said Megan Shores, a teenager from Whitewright.

Residents are looking forward to West's changes as well. 

"We think that a change in mayor may be a sign that the tone will change in the way things are done at city hall,” said Ryan Murphy, a local resident.

One of West's first concerns will be the condition of many Whitewright roads.

"They're pretty poor,” said West. “It takes a lot of money. It's something that we'll have to work on. They didn't get this way over night, they're not going to get fixed overnight."

West says he plans on keeping a good relationship with current Mayor Goodson.

"I may be hollering at him, saying hey I got a question,” said West.

KTEN reached out to Goodson and he has not yet responded. But he posted on his Facebook saying. "I have had a good run. Congratulations on all the winners. But you haven't heard the last of Bill Goodson."