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Denison School Board Candidates Upset About 4% Turnout

DENISON, TX -- Officials say early voter turnout for tomorrow's election in Grayson County has been next to nothing.

While it's a dismal showing for early turnout, there's still time to be part of the democratic process as several towns and cities are holding municipal and school board elections on Saturday.

Seven days of early voting wrapped up Tuesday and the turnout so far has some candidates frustrated. They say people need to exercise their civic duty, or else we all suffer the consequences.

A total of 4 percent of voters in the southwest part of Denison have already made their voices heard in a school board race.

"I'm disappointed that there's people who aren't taking more interest in getting out and voting trying to make a difference for students, but I guess it's kind of typical for school board," says Denison ISD school board candidate Randy Sedlacek.

"We've gone pretty much door to door and we've got a lot of signs around but don't know what it takes to get people to just come out and cast their votes and let em know, are they happy with what we have?" says Denison ISD school board candidate Jay Watkins.

Both candidates are hoping the other 96 percent will turn out Saturday, but they're not expecting them to.

"There's no real controversy going on in the school district, so I think people figure, hey, what's the need in going out and vote, so, but that's sad," says Sedlacek.

"If you look at your voter card, just look for the little number where it says school for D7, and that's Ward 7," says Watkins.

There are 2,657 eligible voters in Ward 7, near Hyde Park Elementary School and so far, during early voting, 104 of them have cast a ballot, according to county Elections Administrator Deana Patterson and Denison assistant superintendent Lee McNair.

"Our elections work in cycles, so the primary election will have a little bit lower turnout, the gubernatorial election in November will have a little bit higher turnout. The presidential election has the highest turnout," says Patterson.

In Sherman ISD, board members run at large, so each one of 22,256 voters are eligible, and so far, 408 people voted, or less than 2 percent, Patterson said.

"It is every citizen's right to vote and that is their way of contributing to electing people that will make decisions where they live," says Patterson.

Watkins was a longtime school board member, but he moved, so he lost his spot and is now running against Sedlacek, who has served 6 years. Voting for that election is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Denison Senior Center on 531 W. Chestnut Street.

There are elections from Bonham to Whitesboro, and Pottsboro to Whitewright, so if you live in Texas, there's probably one in your town too.