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Denison is Hoping for Another Busy Travel Season This Summer

Tourism is a vital part to the north Texas economy. Many from Grayson county came out to celebrate tourism to Texas Friday afternoon out at the Texas Travel Center in Denison.

Millions of visitors visit north Texas every year, mainly due to Lake Texoma and the amount of leisure activities the area has to offer.

"Well, we have a lot of leisure travel to the Denison and Sherman area because of Lake Texoma, the Eisenhower birth place, and of course Hagerman Wildlife Refuge," says Robbie Dudley who is the supervisor at the Texas Travel Information Center.

In 2013, travel estimates from the state report 67 billion dollars on travel spending in Texas. That is up 3 percent from 2012.

"It is nice to bring people into your town that are going to spend their money to increase our tax base. And the events we are having are not just to bring outsiders in but our local folks are able to enjoy those events as well," says Jared Johnson, Mayor of Denison who spoke today at the travel center in honor of May 3rd through the 11th being Texas Travel and Tourism week.

Lake Texoma draws the majority of visitors but with elevations low this year some worry it may affect the number of visitors over the summer.

"We are keeping a watchful eye on that and it would have an impact. You know when you can't utilize one of our best assets which is the Lake Texoma then it certainly has an impact so we are doing everything we can we just need rain," says Johnson.

"The lake is low but I have heard the fishing has still been really good. And we are located right next to Highport Marina, it's accessible. Still the boats can still get in and out," says Amy Dunkerton, the Activities Coordinator at Tanglewood Resort.

The lake is still open but officials urge you to check to make sure a boat ramp is open before you try to use it.

For more information of travel in the state and here in Texoma you can check out the travel center in Denison off Highway 75/69.

The travel research program for Texas reports 4.7 billion dollars is generated in state taxes from travel and that the travel industry directly supports close to 600 hundred thousand jobs.