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Sherman Man Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Raping Teenager

SHERMAN, TX -- A Sherman man facing allegations of raping a teenager about a dozen times decides not to go to trial.
The lead prosecutor tells me he credits Sherman police detectives who got a confession and found computer evidence on the suspect's hard drive, evidence they say helped force him to give up just days before his trial was set to begin.

Darrell Troxtell, 38, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child inside Judge Brian Gary's courtroom. His sentence was 30 years in prison.

"We were set to go to trial on Monday, May 19, and the state was going to be ready for trial, but the 30-year sentence we felt was satisfactory," says assistant district attorney Brett Smith.

According to court documents, investigators were told Troxtell would have sex with the victim every week for years, ever since the victim was 11 years old and up until 2013.

"The allegations against Mr. Troxtell had spanned a period from about 2005 to 2011. It was a long running period of time," says Smith.

Smith says around 2007, during the time the abuse was going on, the law actually changed.

Now, they sometimes charge suspects with "continuous sexual abuse," however in this case they went with the old way, and ended up filing 11 separate counts.

"Because of the time frame from which most of these allegations began and occurred was before that statute," says Smith.

"So it happened at least 11 times?" I asked. "Correct," says Smith.    

"Do you think it happened more than that?" I asked. "It's quite possible," says Smith.

"Once the victim made the outcry, she went to the Children's Advocacy Center and was interviewed, and then the Sherman Police Department seized a lot of electronic evidence," says Smith.

Investigators say they were told Troxtell even showed the victim pornographic videos using his cell phone and laptop.

"They were able to forensically examine those items and derive direct evidence that proved the defendant's guilt in this case -- that would have proved his guilt -- and in fact, resulted in a plea agreement," says Smith.

I reached out to Troxtell's lawyer late this afternoon but so far have not heard back.  The indictment Troxtell was facing included 7 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and 4 counts of sexual assault of a child.