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Ada Utility Bills to Increase, Residents Speak Out

ADA, OK--When people in one Texoma town get their utility bills next month, chances are it'll be the highest it has ever been. The city council in Ada recently voted to raise rates for city services.

Beginning in June, the sound of running water won't be so cool for Ada residents. Customers can expect to pay almost a dollar more per month for utilities. A spike some people say they weren't even warned about.

"I've been trying to watch the times of the day that I do laundry, wash dishes, take showers, you know things like that to keep costs down," said Angel Jackson.

Jackson pays about $60 a month for water, sewer and trash services--a bill she says is already too high. After a recent city council vote to increase monthly utility fees due to a change in the consumer price index, however, Jackson--along with everyone else in the city--will be paying $0.76.

"Everybody's struggling," said Jackson. "And then for them to hike it up even more is awful."

Ada resident Keisha Coffee said: "We've been paying so much for so long, and then it just goes up? It's just ridiculous to me."

Public information officer Lisa Bratcher says the decision was best for the community and will only slightly change customers' minimum bills.

"A customer's regular bill right now is $39.62 per month," said Bratcher. "When the increase is going to go up in June, it's just going to go up a little bit to $40.38. So it's not going to be that big of an increase."

Several community members like Travis Nelson, however, say they have been blind sided by the rate hike.

"They should have at least sent out a flyer or something," said Nelson. "Let everybody know, bring it to their attention so people can prepare for it. Because times are hard."

Bratcher says the hike will help provide the city with the best services available. She urges anyone with questions or concerns to call the utilities office or attend the monthly city council meetings. She says the agendas are also posted online.