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Austin College hosts Cinco de Mayo event

SHERMAN, TX -- Austin College hosted a celebration for Cinco de Mayo Sunday, open to all of Texoma not just students. Some important Texoma figures attended the event.

Elizabeth Gonzalez is the President of the student run group called Los Amigos, which has hosted the Cinco de Mayo event for the past 15 years.

"When I did a lot of research,” said Gonzalez, “in what is this what are we celebrating and I brought this to the attention of my officers. At the end of the day, the conclusion was it's just a day for celebrating."

But the students made sure to include the entire community in the celebration.

"Our biggest goal this year was to have a lot of people from the community come, you know being open to Austin College students,” she said, “they have more than enough events here on campus. But I think being able to see Sherman-ites and people that aren't from here and enjoy this event. And see how much hard work we've put into it, that’s really my favorite part."

Many Texomans came out for some family fun.

"I think she's [his daughter] having fun,” said T.J. Nelson, “we've been driving around playing here eating snow cones. The clown scared her a little bit but some kids don't like clowns. So that's ok. I’m glad they had this together, to come up here and spend time with my family. And have an active and healthy time with everybody."

Rita Noel, currently in the running for the next Grayson County Justice of Peace says representing the Hispanic culture is an honor.

"Representing the Hispanic population is just unbelievable,” said Noel. “I love the culture and I love my heritage. Knowing that's my background and I love it."

Professors at Austin College say Sunday's event is important.

"As Latinos and as Hispanics, we bring a lot of enrichment to the local culture,” said Dr. Terry Hooper.” So these kind of events are ways of recognizing and celebrating what the culture has to offer here in Sherman, Austin college and the Texoma region."