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Students Mock an Accident to Get Teens Not to Drink and Drive

Sherman High School students showed up Wednesday morning in disbelief. Before them was a car accident, where teenagers, their classmates, appeared dead.

"It was scary. It felt real," says Gabi Aguilar, a senior student who help organize the event.

Fortunately it was not real, but it definitely got students thinking.

"Some people got a little angry and then some people were like, they felt like they understood that this is what happens in real life," says Aguilar.

Lucky for these students it wasn't real, but other students are not so lucky.

"An acronym that they have is DEAD which stands for drinking, ends, all, dreams; and so basically if you drink and drive and die from that your dreams are just shattered," says Reece Larsen, another senior who also helped organize the event.

"Everyday so many people die from this and its not something that I want one of my friends to die from or somebody that I know so I want to make sure that all those around me know about the effects of drinking and driving," says Aguilar.

They had been planning the event since January, getting the theater arts students to do make-up for the actors in the accident and even involving the Sherman fire department and police department.

"The fire department they cut open one of the doors, got Jesse Novla out of the car and then we had three students who were dead from the crash and so they pronounced them dead on site," says Larsen.

For Mrs. Larena Douglass, who oversaw these students, she was in awe of their passion in the event put on for their classmates.

"I'm very proud of their accomplishments. It is much more than I could have even imagined they could do."