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Denison police investigate mysterious bins showing up at local businesses

DENISON, TX -- Owners of the Hickory House here say they had a surprise waiting for them Monday morning. When they got to work, there was a large green bin, nearly blocking the street entrance for patrons.

"I first thought honestly it was some children or some kids had moved it just for a prank,” said Hickory House owner Johnny Doyle, “because it wasn't here Sunday night at eight o clock when I went home then Monday morning at seven o’clock it was here."

Doyle says the mysterious metal bin was bolted to the pavement. He tried to move it but couldn't.

"9 o clock I called the police,” said Doyle. ”They come up and looked at it and said it's on private property so really there's nothing we can do about it. So they said as far as they're concerned, it's yours because it's put here illegally."

Doyle called a friend for help and removed the bin himself, but the owner of at least one business that was vandalized waited for public works to get involved.

"They made me sign this because it's private property so this way the city could take that away," said Yildiz Jahja with Nick’s Family Restaurant.

The bizarre incident upset customers.

"A customer came in and said there was a big dumpster,” she said, “they didn't know what it was at first. And they said that it was in the middle of the parking lot and they couldn't get in and out."

The metal bins left damage to each parking lot and advertised recycling clothing and shoes, listing a phone number that turned out useless.

"When I called the number, I just got a recording,” said Doyle. “And asked what was going on and asked them if they could remove it. Basically I told them if you could return my call within two hours I'd appreciate it. They never returned the call. To this day they haven't returned the call."

Police say they don't have much information to go off of right now.

"We contacted a person yesterday,” said Lieutenant Mike Eppler with Denison Police,” that showed up at one of the businesses where the boxes were left and got a little information from them."

Doyle says he tried to talk to the returning offender too.

“I tried to detain him as much as possible,” said the owner.

Denison police tell me the bins are now locked in a city storage facility. KTEN was unable to access them because of the ongoing investigation. Police say businesses in Pottsboro claim the same bins showed up there on Monday as well. Owners of the hickory house say they didn't speak much to the people that came back looking for their bin, but the truck was licensed to California.