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Sherman fuel business shares tricks to save at the pump

GRAYSON COUNTY -- There's no getting around the high cost of gas but there may be a ways to outsmart stores before prices increase.

It's ultimately up to the gas stations to set the cost of fuel, but stores in the same area generally price about the same to stay competitive.

Eric Taylor, a Denison resident, typically pays $65 to top off his tank. Instead, he's only putting in $15 worth of gas because like many, "It's about all I can afford right now," he said.

According to AAA, drivers nationwide are paying an average of $3.69 for a gallon of unleaded. That's compared to $3.45 in Oklahoma and $3.48 in Texas.

Both states saw prices drop about a penny this week, but Brad Douglass expects prices to remain high through the summer.

"Tensions over in Ukraine and the sanctions that are being levied against Russia are impacting the world's largest crude oil supplier which is Russia," Douglass said.

Douglass owns Sherman-based Douglass Distributing which provides fuel to about 160 gas stations in north Texas.

He says prices for distributors, like him, change multiple times a day but that street prices drivers see usually change just once.

"We transmit those prices once a day out to them," he said.

Douglass says prices are typically sent to gas stations between 10 and 11am every weekday. So, if prices are going up, he recommends gassing up before noon.

"If that's the case then, I guess, I need to get out a little earlier," Taylor said.

But how can you tell if the price is going to increase or decrease?

Douglass suggests checking crude oil futures after markets close. If a barrel of oil closes up by $1, he says drivers can anticipate about a $.04 increase at the pump in the coming days. The same goes for a price decrease.

"I did not know that," Taylor said.

With a gallon of gas hovering around the $3.50 mark, drivers like Taylor say every penny counts and may mean the different between getting there, or not.