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Sherman Students Ready to Take on Personal Finance

SHERMAN -- A new educational program at Sherman High School has seniors walking out of their economics class confident to enter the world of personal finance.

"I didn't know anything about loans or insurance or things that I need to know for when I graduate and become an adult and .. go out into the world. So I think it just let me in on things that are very important to know," says Abbie Ross, a senior at Sherman.

She is just one of more than 200 students certified in personal finance.

Her friend Sami Powers says she has a credit card but has never really known how to spend wisely.

"I think that is something really big about this economy is that a lot of people really don't know how to save money and they just waste it or they just don't know how to invest it and so I think its really good for teenagers, especially at our age, all we want to do is spend money and so I think its good that we know what's good and what's not good to spend your money on," says Powers, who is also a senior.

This kind of financial curriculum isn't like your typical high school economics class.  

"We have this interactive program that covers all the bases, covers the lessons we have to cover for economics for personal finance in an interactive way. Its exciting. The kids love it," says Anthony Hartman, the Sherman High School Economics teacher.

The American Bank of Texas helped get the program into the classroom for the first time this year.

"They need to realize that even right now at this point in their life if they do not handle their money wisely it can mess up a credit report that will follow them and make their lives confusing and miserable later on so its just better if they know going in," says Ginger Nye, the Marketing Director for the American Bank of Texas.

For Ross, finances are still a daunting task.

"I mean its still a little scary but I definitely feel more prepared."