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Citizens Of Lone Grove Upset Over City's New Sewer Line

LONE GROVE, OK -- Homeowners in one Texoma city are upset over changes to their sewer service they say will cost them thousands of dollars.

Several long time members of the city of Lone Grove say they are considering to move out while a new sewer line moves in.

"This sewer situation has made it more prevalent that we may in the near future," said Cathy Prusak, who has lived in Lone Grove for over 30 years.

Other home owners like John and Cathy Prusak say they're upset because on top of the $900 tap in fee, they will also have to cover all costs to connect their house to the new city system.

"They should give us a choice on whether we want to hook up or not," said John Prusak.

But city manager Ian O'Neal says according to a city ordinance, that's not possible.

A copy of the ordinance acquired by KTEN News says any structure within 300 feet of a city sewer line shall be required to accept sewer services.

"And I think all municipalities would have that same ordinance whether you're Ardmore or whoever," said O'Neal.

The sewer line will end at Lone Grove's new waste water treatment plant in the southeastern part of the town. The city managers says the $11.7 million project is expected to open in October.

"The only way we're going to pay for this plant is to tie on customers to generate revenue to make that yearly payment.," said O'Neal.

O'Neal says Lone Grove will pay off the treatment plant in 30 years, which equals to nearly $400,000 dollars in yearly payments for the city.

The Prusaks say while they understand the ordinance, the city's progress on the sewer project has left them and others feeling betrayed.

"There's just no trust anymore," said John.

"It's sad that it has to come to that," added Cathy.

"And we're not the only ones that feel that way," said John.

O'Neal says the city council is planning to hold a meeting with the residents of Lone Grove to discuss how the sewer tap fee will be assessed to try and ease private connection costs.