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Ada Collision Causes Backup on Highway 3

ADA, OK--It was slow going for drivers on Highway 3E in Pontotoc County about 9 o'clock Monday morning after two tractor trailers collided.

"That county truck came over that hill and couldn't stop, and hit me in the side," said driver Randy Dutton.

Dutton drives for Kleen Oilfield Services out of Velma, Oklahoma. He says he was traveling eastbound on Highway 3 when he slowed to take a right turn onto County Road 3620.

"Turned off on the mobile road, going to haul some mud on location," he said.

When Dutton slowed down, another semi slammed into the back of him. The driver of that truck didn't want to go on camera. Trooper Justin Pope says the second truck couldn't slow down in time.

"He took evasive action and went off the roadway to the right, and struck that tractor trailer as he was turning," said Pope.

Pope says both semis veered off of the highway--one onto the shoulder and the other into a nearby ditch.

Trooper Pope said: "No injuries. Luckily nobody's hurt, just the vehicles, but we've about got them cleaned up. So we'll be on our way shortly."

Dutton says he and the other driver are okay, just shaken up by the accident.

"I have never had a speeding ticket in my life, much less a wreck," said Dutton.

Trooper Pope had that section of the highway temporarily closed off, which caused slight traffic congestion. The scene was cleared by noon.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Ada and Stonewall fire departments and the Pontotoc County Sheriff's office all responded to the scene Monday.