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Van Alstyne Man Denies Stalking Trooper More Than 20 Times

VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- A Grayson County man is speaking out after being found guilty of stalking a state trooper, and he tells us he's innocent. Prosecutors say his actions annoyed and left that trooper in fear for about a year.

A jury convicted him Thursday of retaliating against a Texas state trooper. "It was a very very unfortunate situation for everybody involved, anyone's home that's attacked," says Rory Hogenson.

Prosecutors say Hogenson dumped nails behind Trooper Michael Landeros's squad car in his driveway for a year after :anderos pulled him over for driving drunk on Highway 75 more than two years ago.

"This would occur every 2, two-and-a-half weeks," says assistant district attorney Britton Brooks. "There was no pattern, but the trooper would come outside, get off work, and there would be nails in his yard."

But at his home near Van Alstyne, Hogenson told me on Friday that he is innocent. "There were some young people involved in this that their lives could have been ruined, so once again, there were some unfortunate decisions that had to be made and they were made by me," says Hogenson.

Prosecutors say, after the stop, Hogenson, 51, was belligerent as Landeros drew his blood at the hospital under what's known as a "blood warrant." Then there was the dashcam tape.

"On that video, the defendant told the trooper that he knew where he lived and that he's been by his house on several occasions," says Brooks. "Trooper Landeros was sleeping in his car trying to catch the guy in the act, set up pole cameras."

Brooks says they have had instances in the past where someone perhaps throws an egg at a police car, but he says what's rare in this instance is that the suspect just kept coming back, again and again and again.

"It was 27 times. It was nails all but two of those times. Two times he used screws," says Brooks.

"So are you saying you didn't do this?" I asked Hogenson.

"I am very, very innocent of this, but irregardless of that, Trooper Landeros, Heather Landeros are victims of someone who they had made angry and it's never good," says Hogenson. "I wish them the best. I hope that they never have to go through this again."

Hogenson was caught with the nails in his pickup, Brooks said. Hogenson says he has an asphalt and landscaping business and workers have access to his truck.  A judge set sentencing for June 12.