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Drivers Stop To Help After Three-Vehicle Crash Near Durant

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Three drivers find themselves in the middle of a scary situation during a three-vehicle crash near Durant.

Tonight, we've learned troopers say it all started with a Bryan County driver who'd pulled over, but hadn't fully pulled off the road.

A quiet night, listening to the radio, driving through Bryan County. "We pulled up and immediately we saw everybody getting off the road," says driver Tyler Hoover.

Suddenly, three men heading for Dallas find themselves face to face with a multi-vehicle crash near Armstrong.

"What I saw was one car off to the shoulder. I didn't even see the car over here because the rear end was gone, so it didn't have any taillights, and the guy in front tagged her because he didn't see the lights," says truck driver Chucky Collins.

They get out of their cars and go over to check on the drivers.

"There was the pregnant lady kind of in shock and the guy over here had a broken nose and he was kind of laying on the road in shock," says Hoover.

Next, they close down  the southbound lanes on Highway 69/75.

"We stopped, this guy here stopped traffic, and we got out to render aid to keep anybody from going through and causing more damage," says Collins.

"I got out and I assisted a Caddo off-duty police officer to check to make sure everybody was okay," says truck driver Ben Ernst.

According to OHP, a woman who wasn't feeling well had pulled over around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, but wasn't actually off the highway completely.

A vehicle knocked her into another lane, then a third bumped her into the median and pushed her recliner and its stuffing out of her SUV, OHP Trooper Robby Keeling said.

"There was a piece of furniture that was  in the roadway that was hit and I think it came out of one of the vehicles after it was hit," says Keeling. 

One man was treated and released from MCSO. The woman refused treatment.

As these drivers get ready to head back on the road, they know this won't be the last wreck they see. "In my day and time i've seen a bunch," says Collins.

But, they're glad this one wasn't worse.