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Severe Weather Possible in Texoma


TEXOMA -- Friday has been nothing but sunshine for Larry Lyles and his family and friends to enjoy.

Lyles is visiting from Oklahoma City. He is living in an RV this weekend but knows if severe weather strikes the RV is not the place to be.

"We keep a close eye to the TV to see where its at and if its going to be close to us but if it looks real severe we will go to the club house here at the KOA and they have a hallway in there that is suppose to be pretty storm safe."

An RV or mobile home is not a safe place for a severe thunderstorms or a tornado. You need to be in a sturdy structure.

When a warning is issued for you inside your home you want to get to the lowest floor, you want to find the center most room and it be small. That will be the sturdiest place in your home.

This is especially important in a tornado warning.

Now just a reminder a watch is issued for your area if conditions are favorable for severe storms to develop. That is when it's most important to have a plan for severe weather.

When a warning is issued it means a severe storm has formed and you take action with your emergency plan.

For Lyles he will be going inside a sturdy building.

Emergency managers will sound sirens if a tornado is present but the sirens are only for people outdoors.

"The controller is here in this office. It's automated; we just press a button and it sets off the sirens but its important to remember that those sirens are actually intended for outdoor warning devices. You can't count on hearing those sirens inside your home you really need to have a weather radio," says Kenneth Eppler, the Deputy Director of Emergency Operations in Bryan County.

Lyles says his family is prepared if a tornado strikes.

"Yeah, yeah, we are ready. We are all seasoned veterans when it comes to traveling on the road and dealing with severe weather."