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Fox Third and Fourth Graders Claim National Championship

FOX, OKLAHOMA -- When you hear national championship, you usually think it's associated with a sport. But for a group of students in Carter County, this national title has a different common denominator.

Most elementary-aged kids might tell you their favorite subject in school is something not associated with being in a classroom.

"I think it's the love of competition," said Jennifer Ruth, a third grade teacher a Fox Public Schools. "They love the math, they love learning and they wanted to win."

But for these third and fourth grade students from Fox, it's simple arithmetic.

Becky Tivis and Jennifer Ruth's students teamed up to beat out nearly 12,000 other schools across the country in the March Math Madness competition.

Both teachers say some students even began completing equations two or three levels above their current grade.

"Its just so fun," said third grader Ciana Newell. "i don't know it's just what your favorite subject is in school. You don't know why you like it, i just like it."

Teachers and administrators were astounded by the students' work ethic

"The kids they have given up recesses, PEs, spring break, weekends," said principal Mark Williams. "They have just came up and dedicated themselves to math because of this competition."

"Yes there have been some kids that I said, 'You have to go to PE. You need to get out and run around,'" said Tivis, a fourth grade teacher.

We found the students spent a combined 869 hours solving more than 143,000 math problems during the month-long competition.

"To win a contest this big, against so many children we're ecstatic," said Tivis. "We're extremely proud of them."

The students and teachers were recognized at a ceremony Thursday night in the school auditorium.

The national champs received a trophy, medals and certificates from Think Through Math and state education representatives.