Latest Wreck On Sharp Curve Near Davis Shuts Down I-35 - - No One Gets You Closer

Latest Wreck On Sharp Curve Near Davis Shuts Down I-35

MURRAY COUNTY, OK -- An overturned semi shut down the part of Interstate 35 after troopers say the driver was going too fast around a curve.

Troopers say if drivers don't start slowing down, accidents like this will continue to happen.

Truck driver Jerry Harris is just glad nobody else was hurt.

"It could of been a heck of a lot worse," said Harris.

The truck driver lost control along an on ramp curve near Davis, Oklahoma to merge onto I-35 southbound when troopers say he was going to fast. OHP says curves like that Harris flipped over on, are dangerous for any driver with a high profile vehicle or trailer.

"Any trucks, anybody pulling a travel trailer," said Trooper Tommy Riddle. "If you're going to be pulling something that's a high profile vehicle or trailer, you just need to slow down and be cautious."

Riddle says this isn't the first semi that has caused problems.

The sharp on ramp curve has caused a number of other semi trucks to flip and block traffic.

"They're usually going too fast causing their load to shift and ends up just putting them on their side," said Riddle.

"My weight shifted, and after the third shift I felt the trailer start gradually coming over," said Harris. "That's when I went into a skid."

Troopers say in addition to semi trucks, vehicles with high centers of gravity must also take caution.

"Your momentum and the force is always going to carry you further and people sometimes forget that," said Riddle.

Crews worked quickly to clean up the mess and the southbound lanes were back open about an hour after the accident.

Harris says aside from a few bumps and bruises, he's going to be ok.

"I just thought it would never be my day today," said Harris.

Harris was ticketed for reckless speed.