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Locals celebrate Earth Day by living more green

DENISON, TX -- "I recycle,” said Vincent Shores, Denison resident. “Pretty much anything I have in the house that's recyclable, I recycle it.”

Recycling hasn't always been an option for people who live in Denison, but last year the city started a new program that offers curbside pick-up.

"I just need about two or three more bins actually,” said Shores. “I have to borrow my neighbor's."

"I love it,” said Tammy Ford of Denison, “I would have never done it if it wasn't right at my curb side, I would have never done it.”

The automated recycling system offers pick up every other week giving people a chance to help keep their junk out of landfills. City Manager Robert Hanna says it's difficult to go green and save green at the same time.

"I think Denison is environmental friendly”, said Hanna. “There's always room for improvement and it's something that we always try to find ways to do."

Some people are getting creative with how they recycle.

"We are building a house and we're using blue jean demin insulation,” said Ford, "all those blue jeans that are going to waste are now being recycled and being turned into insulation. It's really cool.”

Others make sure to involve their children in the routine.

"We do recycle through Sherman,” said Jonny MorJohnny of Sherman, “they come out every week and pick up our cardboard, cans, plastics and all that. We've got an eight year old and a 14 year old and they like to get out there and throw their recyclables in it. Anything we can do to help."

Some say the Texoma area needs to conserve more.

"People waste too much,” said Wayne Etheridge of Colbert. “We order too much food, we throw away too much food. Going down the line, everything we do. Put too much soap in the detergent, to try and get it cleaner. It don't do no good."

Other tips on going a little green every day include paying your bills online, turning off the lights when you’re not using them and even using cold water in the laundry instead of hot can help.