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Distracted driving blamed for wreck that stopped traffic on Roosevelt Bridge

MARSHALL COUNTY -- Distracted driving is being blamed for a wreck that shut down traffic on the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge on Tuesday.

Sunny skies and Spring-like temperatures made for a beautiful day for boaters on Lake Texoma but above the water, the ride for drivers wasn't nearly as smooth. 

Vehicles sat bumper to bumper on both ends of the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge after a wreck reduced traffic to one lane for hours.

"I was just coming to a slow roll, almost a stop," driver Randy Norris said.

Norris was driving a brown pick-up truck and says he slowed down because electrical crews with OG&E were repairing lights on the bridge, lights that have been out for the past week.

OHP believes a semi driver somehow became distracted and ran into the back of Norris's truck which caused Norris to rear-end another truck in front of him.

OHP trooper Jonathan Vargas says judging by the skid marks behind the semi, "Obviously he wasn't paying attention and possibly going too fast."

No one was seriously injured but Norris said he planned on getting checked out at a hospital.

"No one was pinned. They were able to get out on their own," Paula Zimmerman, assistant chief for the Texoma Volunteer Fire Department said.

OHP says the semi driver was ticketed for inattentive driving.

Norris says he'll have to figure out another way to get around since his truck had to be towed away.

Troopers say too many distractions behind the wheel are becoming increasingly dangerous. But, the results may seem even worse on a bridge a narrow as the Roosevelt where, when a wreck happens, all drivers can do is wait.

As for the lights on the bridge, OG&E says it was changing bulbs and replacing an insulator that caused the lights to go out a week ago.

The lights should be back on tonight.