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Madill Schools Lockdown As Police Search For Nearby Suspects

MADILL, OK -- It was a scary school day for students in Madill.  A search for three suspects led school administrators to lock down the campus for most of the day.

Police where stationed across the campus of Madill Public Schools as administrators kept a watchful eye during the lockdown.

"It's just a precautionary measure on our part to be safe," said Jon Tuck, superintendent of Madill schools. "We're going to go ahead and lock down and take care of our kids."

It all started around 10 Monday morning when Madill police chief James Fullingim saw three people in the Walmart parking lot acting suspiciously.
When he looked around, he found a stolen U-Haul behind the store.

According to police, the trio began walking west along Smiley Road. After a while they then took off north into the woods nearby.

That prompted Madill schools to lock down as authorities searched on foot and by air.

Jennifer O'Neill was arrested after police say she returned to the U-Haul to recover some property.

Those who live within the search area say the amount of space and trees around their homes leave plenty of hiding spaces.

"Definitely made me start thinking that maybe we needed to be careful about having everything locked up," said Jackie Matthews, a teacher at Madill and lives within the search area.

After searching for most of the day, police got some help around 7 o' clock when they say the two men knocked on a door on Henson Road along Highway 377 asking to use the telephone. The person living there called police.

Michael Wayne Jarvis of Wichita Falls, Texas and Nichols Brock of Dallas were arrested by Madill police without incident and taken to the Marshall County jail.

Fullingim says the three all face charges of stolen property and could see several drug charges as well.