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Denison City Council approves adding micro-breweries downtown

DENISON, TX -- With a 4 to 2 vote, Denison City Council authorized a trending type of business that's been brewing across the country.

"What we're trying to do is roll the red carpet out for micro-breweries, micro-distilleries and brew pubs,” said City Manager Robert Hanna “Let them know they're welcome in Denison.”

Monday night the council approved changes to the city's zoning laws that will allow micro-brew pubs.

Hanna says the new business endeavor is only a small step in a larger plan.

"We started several years ago trying to create an entertainment district and kind of an entertainment atmosphere in downtown Denison,” he said.

Hanna says the move may have happened sooner, but there was a misconception among Denison citizens.

"It's not an industrial distilling, it's not industrial beer making,” he said, “it is a craft, high quality beer."

One person spoke out against the law at the meeting, but Downtown Director Donna Dow expected it to pass.

"I had not had any comments that were unfavorable toward it,” said Dow.

City officials are ready to bring in new business.

"The next step is finding a person who would like to put a brewpub brew pubcentral area district,” said Planning and Zoning Director Faye Brockett.

"Denison Development Alliance has been recruiting,” said Dow, “and that doesn't mean that it's easy and it’s going to be a quick process."

Dow says she's already in talks with a potential brewery.

"It can be up to four months for the paperwork process to be completed,” she said “because they still have to go through the TABC."

Dow told KTEN that the vote Monday night will make adding a micro-brewery easier even though it won't happen for a few months. She says the goal is have at least two breweries downtown by this time next year.