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Ardmore Board Says Principal's Resignation Will Stand


ARDMORE, OK -- Hundreds of people came out to Tuesday night's school board meeting in Ardmore hoping to find a way to keep their principal from resigning.

"I've been here, and I've been in Ardmore all my life and I've made several board meetings, and I've never been to a board meeting like the one tonight," said Leonard Sanders, a teacher at Ardmore High School.

Citing school board policy stating that resignation letters are irrevocable, the Ardmore Board of Education voted 4-0 to not rescind the resignation of Ardmore High School principal Kim Holland.

Former educator and Ardmore football coach Ronnie Tipps spoke on behalf of the support group for the principal.

"Disappointed because I think Mr. Holland really changed the culture of our school out here," said Tipps.

A motion to ask the board to waive policy and rescind the letter was placed on Tuesday night's agenda after a support petition bearing 1,176 signatures from the community was submitted on March 28.

After the decision was made, teachers and students consoled each other as dozens of supporters headed for the doors.

Community members and legal representatives voiced their opinions with Superintendent Sonny Bates while others looked on.

Many were looking for answers.

"I don't know what the other side of the coin is, but something is not right," said Sanders.

Possibly the biggest question of why Holland resigned in the first place still looms.

"Somebody knows something," said Sanders. "And we need to find out the bottom line the reason why all this is taking place. Somebody's right and somebody's wrong."  

As for the next step for the principal's supporters...

"Well I don't know, we'll sees," said TIpps. "We'll see how it goes."

Several other teachers we spoke to but wouldn't comment on camera say they are disappointed and upset at the board's decision.

Holland's resignation will take effect on June 30.