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Monday Night's Freeze is a Concern for Farmers


TEXOMA -- With freezing temperatures across the area Monday night, many had to worry about their spring plants, but what about local farmers and their crops?

Temperatures dropped into the mid to upper 20s for Oklahoma areas and right about 30 to 31 degrees in north Texas.  So freezing was a concern for farmers and their crops.

"Right now it looks like most of it is all within that last layer of the plant before the head wheat comes out and I think, I kind of look at it in terms of a blanket so hopefully it made it through the night with that around it," says Scott Renfro who owns Renfro Farms in Howe.

Renfro believes the wheat crop is a little behind where it normally is this time of year due to the prolonged cold temperatures. In this case it was a good thing because the head of the wheat had not come out of the crop.

However the full effects of Monday night's freeze will not be known until that head of wheat does emerge and the crop begins pollinating.