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S&S ISD considers allowing administration to carry guns on campus


SADLER, TX -- One Texoma school district is considering allowing staff members to carry licensed firearms.

The public forum in Sadler tonight was a chance for community members to voice their concerns about the potential "Defender" program in their school district.

This program would allow 20 to 25 staff members carry guns on campus.

Superintendent Tommy Hunter says this program is necessary for Sadler due to lack of a police presence.

Teachers, parents, bus drivers, police officers and even community members without children came out to the meeting and the biggest question of the night was if the gun would be loaded or not.

"I don't think it should be loaded," said Jane Fowler, a Sadler grandparent. "The reason I don't think it should be loaded because we have some good size boys in the school and we have some small female teachers in the school. I think it'd be easy for those kids to over-power those teachers, no matter who has the guns."

"This is a very controversial topic," said Hunter. "But we're doing what we believe is in the best interest of the kids we serve here at S&S ISD."

Hunter says the board will vote on the program at their monthly meeting next Monday. If implemented, training would start this summer and the guns would be on campus by next school year. He says 34 percent of his staff has already volunteered to carry guns.

The project's estimated cost is over $19,000.