Bennington Sees Damage from Sunday Night's Storms - - No One Gets You Closer

Bennington Sees Damage from Sunday Night's Storms


BENNINGTON -- The people in Bennington I talked to said it was a scary storm that came through their area Sunday night. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

Bryan County Emergency Manager, James Dalton, told us his storm spotter in the Bennington area measured a 60 mph wind gust shortly after 9pm.

"Pretty nerve racking. Because first of all I'm already scared of storms but my grandmother and I were sitting in the kitchen and being five months pregnant it was hard running into the hallway," says Emily Hyde who lives in Bennington.

"All the wind got real high and started whistling and I was trying to get my husband out of bed and so we could get in the hallway," says the Mayor of Bennington, Idanel Wright.

Bennington schools had to close Monday due to the damage.

"We had quite a bit of damage to our bus barn, our agricultural building, our fields, our dugouts we have a storage building probably demolished, its totaled," says Donna Anderson the Bennington Superintendent.

Mayor Idanel Wright lives in one of the neighborhoods caught in the path of the storm.

"It seems to be like a two block wide path all the way past, about six blocks long maybe a little longer than that but it past the school house and that seemed like where it ended," says Wright.

"Its blown down trees and just its done a lot of damage but they were lucky no one got hurt," says Leona Reynolds who lives in Bennington.

Fortunately no major injuries have been reported. Even the woman inside a trailer home that flipped over off Nail Street was okay.

"From what I was told she's a little bit sore, but she's okay," says Hyde.

Anderson was impressed with the out pouring of support by the community.

"It was amazing, my phone just started blowing up with all the people in town saying what can we do to help. You don't realize until something like this happens how much your community comes together and just does what needs to be done."