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Does Durant couple have the oldest dog in Texoma?


DURANT -- It's a day dog-owners try not to think about but what if there was a way to help your pet live longer?

It's a question we began asking after a Durant couple sent us an email wondering if their dog was the oldest in Texoma.

Feechie is a Chihuahua that's about to turn 20 years old, or, 140 in human years.

With her birthday approaching, her owners -- an engaged Durant couple -- are asking:

"Is the oldest dog in Texoma?" Charlotte Ryan said. "She's turning 20 this year. I mean, is there any older dogs?"

How do they know how old Feechi is?

Sean King says he's been keeping track every since she was given to him as a puppy for Christmas when he was five.

"She was born just before my sixth birthday so from there I've added on a year every time I've had my birthday," King said.

"It's amazing to see how much those two have bonded and been through together," Ryan said.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest K-9 ever was an Australian cattle dog that lived for 29 years and five months.

While Feechie is far from the record, King says she now uses her sense of smell to get around because she recently went blind.

Other than that he says she is a happy healthy dog.

The couple says they don't spend much time at the animal clinic either but we wanted to know what dog owners can do to help their pets live longer?

Dr. Emi Pedigo is a veterinarian at Durant Animal Hospital.

She says 20 years is longer than the life span of most dogs.

"Cats can reach that age but you don't get many dogs that get to 20," Dr. Pedigo said.

Dr. Pedigo says preventative medicine is the best way dog owners can help prolong their pet's life including yearly exams, teeth cleanings and heartworm checks.

As for Feechie, Dr. Pedigo says she's in good shape.

While she can't play or do tricks like she used to, the love for this man's best friend is never lost.

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