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Oklahoma Bill Would Limit Minimum Wage

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ARDMORE, OK -- A bill is currently going through the Oklahoma state legislature that would limit minimum wage.

Business owners and employees in Ardmore are mixed about the bill's details.

In a 68 to 22 vote, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill prohibiting municipalities from establishing a minimum wage.

Those in favor say higher wages in different parts of the state could harm consumers and business.

"If it's considerably more especially, that would I think influence folks to pursue their career in another area where it would be more beneficial monetarily for them," said Lois Procter, owner of The Bookseller in Ardmore.

Michael Woods, an employee at a printing and embroidering shop in Ardmore, says if cities and towns had different minimum wages, it could help them grow.

"It'd bring more jobs, more employees," said Woods. "I think it would help the economy."

But others business owners say that line of thinking could drive up costs.

"It affects the federal taxes we pay for employees," said Brandy Rogers, co-owner of Pronto Print. "And in essence the more we're forced to pay, the more we have to pay out, therefore causing inflation for our customers."

Even if the bill passes, city officials in Ardmore say it would not affect minimum wage in the city. Interim human resources director Kevin Boatright says the city does not set its own minimum wage.

Both Procter and Rogers agree with the result of the house vote, believing a state mandated minimum wage provides equality across the board.

"I agree that when minimum wage is set by the state I believe that that's is a fair aspect," said Rogers.

The bill is now set to return to the Oklahoma senate, where it has previously passed.