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Denison woman claims identity thief stole her tax refund


DENISON -- A Denison woman claims her identity was stolen when someone used her social security number to get their hands on her tax refund.

Despite it being prime time for it to happen, Denison police say this type of case is rare.

According to Denison police, when the woman showed up at a tax preparation business Tuesday to file her income taxes, she was told someone already filed using her social security number.

Lt. Mike Eppler says the woman did the right thing by reporting it immediately.

"It's a couple things," he explained. "One, it's a form of identity theft when somebody's using your identifying information for something and plus, it was a pretty substantial return. It was several thousand dollars."

In addition to filing a police report, Mary Wood with Jackson Hewitt in Sherman says tax filers who become the victim of identity theft need to take a few more steps, too.

"The first thing they need to do as far as the IRS is concerned is to contact them at their protection specialized unit and there is a number. It's 1-800-908-4490," Wood said.   

She says you should also go online to and fill out an identity theft affidavit.

Unfortunately, Wood says it's up to the taxpayer to prove they aren't the person that received the refund.

Woods warns it may take a while especially when you're waiting on money you already expected to have in your pocket.

"Trying to get all that cleared up is just a mess," she said.

Denison police say they are still investigating and may be working with other law enforcement agencies to track down the person who wrongly filed the tax return.