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Ada Family Asking for Help with Mobility Contest


ADA, OK--After being struck by tragedy and overcoming all odds, a Texoma couple is now asking for your vote to help ease their road to recovery.

"Our daughter was 10 weeks old when he had the accident, and you just don't know if you're going to have him anymore," said Scottie Gray.

Dakota Gray says he's happy to be alive.

"I remember putting the seat up on my deer stand, and that's the last thing I remember," said Dakota.

He considers himself to be an avid hunter and outdoorsman. While deer hunting in Connersville last October, Dakota fell out of his tree stand--plummeting 20 feet to the ground. He is now paralyzed from the chest down.

While Dakota might not remember much from that day, it's a different story for his wife, Scottie.

"He actually died six times," she said. "He died as soon as they got to the hospital. You kind of just go into survival mode."

The Ada couple married young in 2012, welcomed daughter, Dixie Rose, last July and are now trying to navigate the road to recovery. For help, they turned to a National Mobility Awareness Month contest--hoping to win a wheelchair accessible van.

Scottie said, "It increases his independence, it increases the places we can go as a family."

With one click of the mouse, you could help them win a mobility van. Simply go to, register and then vote for Dakota Gray.

"It would be such a blessing, because they have their hands full," said Dakota's sister Jennifer Humphers.

Carla Campbell, Dakota's mother, said, "As an adult, they don't want to depend on anyone to do anything they don't have to."

Despite new limitations, Dakota says he remains thankful.

"I got hurt doing something I love," he said. "Accidents to happen, but I'll get better."

The grays currently have about 1,800 votes, and are one of Oklahoma's top contenders. However, they still need many votes to be one of the four winners. For those interested in helping, the voting polls close May 9.