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Neighbors Search For Answers After They Say Dogs Were Poisoned


ARDMORE, OK  -- People in one Ardmore neighborhood are upset after several of their pets died recently and they believe they were all poisoned by a neighbor.    

"I just can't believe we have a neighbor in the neighborhood that we're supposed to trust that is actually deliberately killing animals," said Erin Wilkinson, who had a dog die from poisoning. "I mean it's horrible."

Neighbors are searching for answers after they say at least six dogs have died from being poisoned by a neighbor.

"It's confirmed that it's anti-freeze," said Wilkinson. "I found a substance near someone's house, in their yard that was a bowl that I think is full of antifreeze."   

The district attorney says an investigator from his office is looking into the case. OSBI says they're also investigating.

"Very upset," said Chelsi Beard, another resident that had a dog pass away. A lot of frustration that it could've been handled differently."

Neighbors along Mill Creek Drive say they first started seeing symptoms of poisoning in their pets on Saturday. Parents in this neighborhood say not only was it dangerous to their pets but their kids as well.

"What if a child got a hold of that?" asked Wilkinson. "There are children that run around this neighborhood. And if a child would've drank that, he would've killed a child not a pet.

Veterinarian Dr. Doug Aldridge says to most pets and children, antifreeze may not appear dangerous.

"It's palatable," said Dr. Aldridge. "It doesn't taste bad, dogs and cats will both drink it, dogs more likely than cats. Little kids will drink it."

Aldridge says the two dogs he eventually put down from the neighborhood at Westwood Veterinary Hospital had symptoms of vomiting, seizures and kidney failure. He says they eventually were euthanized due to antifreeze poisoning.

Aldridge says if antifreeze is ingested, you have a short time to take measures against it, before it becomes poisonous.

One of the owners of a dog that died said her dog got loose as they were on their way out of town.

Others said their dogs were roaming the neighborhood when they believe they were poisoned.

The city of Ardmore does have a leash law requiring dogs to be in their yard or on a leash.