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Two Sherman Drivers Arrested After Crashing Into Pond

SHERMAN, TX -- A bizarre incident leaves two vehicles submerged in a Sherman pond and two people under arrest.

Police say a drunk driver was apparently trying to follow his friend home from a Denison bar when he scared another driver by mistakenly following him instead.

It happened around 3 a.m. on Crimsonwood Drive in a neighborhood off Texoma Parkway.

When the road they were driving on suddenly dead-ended, police say the spooked driver went on driving into a field, then went airborne into a pond.

The second vehicle followed. That driver, Gary Tramell, 62, was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

Police say they found the spooked driver, Sergio Comacho Ledezma, 37, at home, and arrested him on suspicion of leaving the scene.

Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton released the following statement:

"Police dispatch received a call from the 3700 block of  Crimsonwood Drive regarding a male on their porch that was bleeding and saying he was in an auto accident.  He said that his friend was still in the vehicle and appeared to be deceased.
 Officers arrived and spoke with Gary Lynn TRAMELL.  TRAMELL told officers  that he was following his friend when they both drove into a pond.  Officers located two vehicles submerged to their roofs in the pond. Several officers jumped into the pond in an attempt to locate the other driver but were unsuccessful. 
TRAMELL said he was following his friend home from a club in Denison, Texas.  The friend was driving really fast and he was trying to catch up to him when they both drove into the pond.  TRAMELL stated he was able to exit his vehicle and went to his friend's vehicle to attempt to get him out.  TRAMELL claimed that his friend was knocked out and he was unable to get him out of the vehicle so he ran to the residence to call for help.
The investigation revealed there was no deceased person in the vehicle.  TRAMELL's friend was found at his residence asleep.  The friend told officers that TRAMEL was supposed to follow him home from the club, but he didn't.     It is believed that TRAMEL pulled behind the wrong car and began following them closely.  This caused that the driver of that vehicle (later identified as Sergio COMACHO) to become alarmed and flee at a high rate of speed. 
 The road both vehicles were driving on came to a dead end.  It appears that COMACHO decided he would attempt to cross an open field.  On the edge of the field was a pond dam which caused both vehicles to go airborne and land in the pond.  COMACHO was located at his residence.

  COMACHO was arrested for Duty on Striking (Leaving the Scene of a Accident).  TRAMELL was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated."