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Dozens Attend Durant Meeting About Lake Texoma Water Level


DURANT, OK -- Dozens turn out to hear about Lake Texoma at a public meeting held at Durant High School tonight.

The Lake Texoma Association wants to change current law and make it harder to generate power when the lake is low.

But, executive director Shelly Morgan says they'll need the support of lawmakers in Washington, and it won't happen in time for this summer.

The two government agencies invited to speak tonight say they can't support any changes.

"We operate the lake in accordance with the laws," says Army Corps Tulsa District Commander Col. Richard Pratt.

"As a federal agency, Southwestern Power Administration does not have a position on changing laws," says SWPA Resources And Rates Director Fritha Ohlson. "Since we're not generating what you would get out of the project on average, our customers are having to replace that lack of energy by purchasing from other power resources, and it is a very expensive situation."

"The lake has been in operation for about 69 years, and right now we're at lake Level 2," says Pratt. "42 of the years the lake has been in operation it has been in Drought Level 2, only 10 times has it gone down into Drought Level 3, and we're not in Drought Level 3 now."

"I mean, it's lower than we'd like it to be, but you know, with the spring rains, we're hoping that the lake level will come back up," says Pratt.

Ohlson says the SWPA uses 24 dams in 6 states, but all electricity generated at Lake Texoma actually goes to the power grid in Texas.