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Friend Presents Special Gift To Van Alstyne Sledding Accident Victim


VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- A Grayson County teenager was presented a special honor tonight. As he continues his recovery, some baseball players are lending their name to show they support him.

The teenager returned home from the hospital in Dallas about 3 weeks ago, and he tells me he's back at school. He was hanging out in the dugout tonight with his baseball teammates.

Riley Sprowl, 17, was paralyzed 4 months ago in a sledding mishap while playing outside at home on a cooler lid tied to the back of a 4-wheeler after the ice storm, family members said.

Tonight, before his team's baseball game, a family friend who works with Sprowl's dad at Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative presented Riley with a piece of artwork he made and had sent to Arizona.

That's where he says it was signed by more than a dozen Texas Rangers baseball players during their spring training.

"As a kind of an encouragement to him, he's been such an encouragement to the whole community, really more of an inspiration for the community than we have been for him probably," says friend Ron Head.

"I've got a lot of movement in my arms. It's getting better every day, working hard and taking it one step at a time," says Sprowl. "I'm back in school and I've been back for on average about 3 days a week now."

Sprowl also went over to check in with the visiting team from Sunnyvale, who he also has played with while a member of the Panthers baseball team.

Sprowl says his dad's friend had  promised him a surprise during a hospital visit, but he wasn't expecting a surprise quite so big, and in front of so many people.