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Ada Burglar Injures Himself, Initiates High-Speed Chase


ADA, OK--A suspected burglar's plan goes awry when he hurts himself during a break-in and tries to get away.

It was about 8:30 Tuesday night when the Ada Police Department received a call about a break-in at Doctors Park Pharmacy on Arlington.    

Officer Ariana Rice said, "There was a man that lives back behind Doctors Park, up on the upper level, and he said that he was outside doing something and heard glass break."

The pharmacist did decline to go on-camera, but tells us the burglar used a rock to break into his storefront window.

Officer Rice says when she and other officers arrived on scene a few minutes later, the burglar kicked his pickup truck into gear and hauled out of the parking lot.

"The chase was on," said Rice. "We initiated our lights and sirens. He blew through the four-way stop and continued."

The pursuit ended on Parkway. Inside the vehicle, officers say they found alcohol and 31-year-old Justin Peterson covered in his own blood.

"He was transported by Mercy EMS to the hospital and got treated," said Rice. "I think he got a couple of staples and some stitches, because his cuts were pretty bad."

The pharmacist released a statement to KTEN saying "We are very thankful that none of our employees were in the building during the break-in."

Officer Rice says Peterson probably tried to steal pharmaceutical drugs since he suffers from a few medical issues.

Peterson is being held in the Pontotoc County Justice Center on charges including resisting arrest and assault and battery on an officer.