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Fort Hood Shooting Latest


KILLEEN, TX -- Military officials confirm four are dead including the gunman after an enlisted soldier opened fire.

As many as eleven are injured in the second shooting attack to happen at Fort Hood in five years.

Warnings sounded from the public address system across the base at fort hood alerting all personnel to shelter where they were.

As emergency vehicles raced toward the base under lockdown.  "Approximately 90 police vehicles, including DPS, ft hood, sheriff."   All this after shots rang out at the motor pool just after four in the afternoon.

Reportedly an argument.  An altercation that ended in gun fire.

Officials say the gunman then took his own life.

Victims were rushed to hospitals by ambulances and Medivac choppers.

"They've had a variety of gunshot wounds that involved extremities, abdomen, chest and neck," said Dr. Glenn Couchman, Chief Medical officer, Baylor Scott and White Hospital.  Some of whom remain in critical condition. 

President Obama was informed of the shooting on a trip to Chicago."We're heartbroken that something like this might have happened again," he said.

Today's shooting scarily reminiscent of November 5, 2009 when Major Nidal Hassan opened fire Killing 13 and injuring at least 30.

Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel reacted from Hawaii promising to do everything possibleto assure the safety of military personnel and their families.

"Anytime you lose your people to these sorts of tragedies, something's not working," said Hagel.  

As the investigation into what happened this time begins.