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Denison teen in beating video to be featured in bullying documentary


BRYAN COUNTY -- A Denison teenager is beaten and it's all caught on camera. Now, the victim and her family are set to share their story in a new documentary.

It wasn't the video of the teen that went viral online. It was her mother's plea for justice.

A Facebook post by Hanna Martin's mother has been shared by nearly 150,000 people since November.

All along, Pamela Martin has pushed for the people in the video to be prosecuted as adults.

One teen was charged as a juvenile with planning an act of violence, threatening an act of violence and assault and battery.

We're told the teen was ordered to pay restitution and attend anger management classes earlier this year.

Yolanda Martinez is the CEO of a Dallas-based non-profit organization which is now including the Martins' story in a bullying documentary titled, "Will You Stand by Me?"

"When I watched it I had to remove myself from the room because I felt like I was going to be sick," Martinez said. "The victims of abuse need a voice because they're so scared to talk."

Martinez was behind a movement that made headlines late last year in Plano involving Shea Shawhan, a 17-year-old student with disabilities.

Her mother says Shea was bombarded with vicious text messages last year which led to emotional and physical pain. She says the messages caused her daughter to have seizures.

"I didn't know this was going to be so big," Keri Riddell said. "I didn't mean for this to happen."

Riddell and Martinez -- who worked together -- turned the tables getting much of the school to rally behind Shea.

"At that point it just kind of snowballed," Martinez said.

Dozens wore t-shirts to a football game that read, "I'm with Shea" and "I've got Shea's Back."
Plano police charged one juvenile with harassment.

Martinez says she's now sifting through about 100 other bullying stories nationwide to include in the documentary.

"Of course, Shea's and Hanna's will be the main stories because that's what started it all," Martinez siad.

Production on the documentary is scheduled to begin late this summer.