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Coleman High School Prepares for Prom with Mock Wreck


COLEMAN, OK--For many Oklahoma schools, prom is coming up this weekend. While most are busy selling tickets and decorating, one Texoma high school is preparing in a different way.

With prom just around the corner, Coleman High School faculty and parents decided to host a mock wreck on campus to demonstrate the consequences of making bad decisions behind the wheel.

Coleman English teacher Cara Dominick said: "This is a fictional situation, and if it was real, it's devastating. Not only to the family, but to the school, as well."

Parents Trenna and Jim Gardner said: "Texting and driving is a big deal to us. Of course drinking and driving is, too, but the texting really scares us because they all do it. And it happens in an instant."

Several seniors reenacted a deadly car accident and mediflight evacuation in hopes of driving home the importance of being cautious on the road.

"A lot of people around this town probably think they're indestructible because they're teenagers," said class president Cannon Sharp. "But they really need to know this can happen to them at any time. Just looking down for a second can cause you to have a wreck."

Vice president Shealee Gardner said, "They think everything they have is perfectly fine, but in a second they can lose someone."

Students tell us the mock wreck was kept a secret until the students were let out of class. Shock value was pretty high on campus, since a mock wreck hasn't happened at Coleman in about six years.

Students we spoke to said Wednesday's event was timely since they notice an increase in reckless driving toward the end of school and during the summer.